RAM Rebel TRX Confirmed, Hellcat-Powered Raptor Hunter

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RAM Rebel TRX Confirmed, Hellcat-Powered Raptor Hunter

The Ford F-150 Raptor has, for the most, part been living as an apex predator with no real threat to its name, which has meant that when you’d think of high performance pickup trucks, you’ll immediately picture one with a big ‘FORD’ plastered on the front and a blue oval logo hiding somewhere.

All that’s changed with the announcement that RAM will be making their TRX concept from 2016 a production reality. Word came during parent company Fiat Chrysler’s presentation of their five-year plan at an investor meeting in Italy, the final such event to be helmed by group CEO and chairman Sergio Marchionne, who is expected to step down soon.

RAM Rebel TRX Confirmed, Hellcat-Powered Raptor HunterRAM Rebel TRX Confirmed, Hellcat-Powered Raptor HunterRAM Rebel TRX Confirmed, Hellcat-Powered Raptor Hunter

Unfortunately, no other details were released about this purportedly confirmed rival F-150 Raptor. Ironically, an expensive and needlessly powerful high performance pickup might be enough of a hit to steer FCA out of its financial woes. After all, the Raptor, along with the F-150 it’s based off, is a sizeable contributor to Ford’s bottom line, saving it from being axed along with the rest of Ford’s North American passenger car line-up.

Because this new breed of RAM is to be hewn from the same conceptual block as the Rebel TRX concept, we can therefore extrapolate how this 2020 production version might end up. And if they intend to keep its 6.2-litre supercharged V8 powertrain, there is indeed a whole lot to look forward to.

The 2016 concept’s engine produced a heady 428kW and featured the beefier suspension and tyres, higher ride height, and aggressive exterior that befits such a vehicle. And should RAM borrow some muscle car expertise from sister company Dodge, the TRX could provide one of the most distinctive driving experiences in recent memory.

Assuming that the current-generation 6.2-litre HEMI is used in its Hellcat tune, that would mean there could be a road-legal, factory produced, warranty-protected 572kW ute that mere mortals will be able to just walk up and purchase for their own twisted pleasure.

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