Proton Lops $3,000 From The Preve – Now $15,990 ‘Driveaway’

by under News on 02 Aug 2013 04:57:10 AM02 Aug 2013

Malaysian brand Proton is claiming ‘Australia’s Most Affordable Small Car’ status by re-pricing its new Preve model to $15,990 ‘Driveaway’ (5-speed manual) and 17,990 (6-speed CVT).


That’s a slash of $3,000 from the Proton Preve’s launch price of $18,990.


Previously the Proton Preve was sold with five years free servicing, but in conjunction with this offer, that has switched to five years fixed price servicing (Proton didn’t let on what those fixed prices are).


And while Proton hasn’t offered us a Preve for test, nor have we visited the production facility in Malaysia, we do know the newcomer comes generously equipped with ESC, traction control, active front head rests, reversing sensors, six airbags and a five-star ANCAP safety rating. And of course Proton uses Lotus for suspension development (although with news out of Europe advising a dire financial position means Lotus’ middle-east based owners have frozen new product development – the value of that Lotus connection is fading somewhat).


Proton says the special Preve prices are for a limited time.


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