Porsche Taycan’s Interior Is Sci-Fi Zuffenhausen Purism

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Porsche Taycan’s Interior Blends Sci-Fi Zuffenhausen Purism

Here are the first official pictures of the Porsche’s first-ever fully electric vehicle. Much hype has been stirred up about the now only semi-mysterious Taycan, mostly by the Zuffenhausen automaker itself. It’s no surprise either given that the worldwide debut is mere days away, slated for September 4th.

By that point, depending on how Porsche elects to drip out the teasers and previews, we might be intimately familiar with how the car looks inside and out. Refreshingly, the cabin does meld futuristic elements with more traditional analogue cues.

Porsche Taycan’s Interior Blends Sci-Fi Zuffenhausen Purism

In fact, it doesn’t stray very far away at all from the original cabin as presented in the Mission E concept car back in 2015. Porsche iterated that with the follow-up Mission E Cross Turismo concept 3 years later, and this final revision seems to have heavily influenced the Taycan.

The upright layout itself is very reminiscent of Porsche 911s, a motif they are bringing back with the 992 in particular. However, this allows the Taycan to squeeze more screen real estate than any other production car in recent memory.

Porsche Taycan’s Interior Blends Sci-Fi Zuffenhausen Purism

Forward from the driver, the 16.8-inch ultra-wide curved display is almost borderless and can be swivelled and tilted to optimise view-ability, and is the first time Porsche has committed to a fully digital cluster where prior to this an analogue tachometer has always been retained.

Toward the centre lives another screen that seems dedicated exclusively to the car’s infotainment and media needs, pretty much like the familiar PCM system currently utilised, though this 10.9-inch unit looks slicker and is surely enhanced in other ways. The analogue clock above the stack is pure Porsche nostalgia seeping through the sci-fi.

Porsche Taycan’s Interior Blends Sci-Fi Zuffenhausen PurismPorsche Taycan’s Interior Blends Sci-Fi Zuffenhausen Purism

The centre tunnel sandwiches a pair of climate control vents which sit above an 8.4-inch portrait display, perhaps so placed to allow for maximum ergonomic control over in-car functions. In these pictures, we see it displaying the Taycan’s charge levels, energy consumption, and predicted range.

Finally, and possibly most intriguingly, we have another 10.9-inch display dedicated to the front passenger. This is an optional feature that will give the shotgun occupant certain limited control over media and navigation functions.

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