Porsche Taycan Prototype Crashes Formula E Finale In NYC

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Porsche Taycan Prototype Crashes Formula E Finale In NYC

Porsche seems keener than most to show off an unreleased, prototype-stage (but fully drive-able) Taycan to as large an audience as possible. Fresh off its publicity tour at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, the car has now made an appearance across the pond at the season closer of this year’s Formula E championship in New York City.

The street circuit weaves through Red Hook in Brooklyn and was technically demanding enough for Swiss-born Porsche works driver Need Jani to put the sporty EV four-door through its paces, this time with the American flag pasted onto its roof instead of the Union Jack it was seen last week.

Porsche Taycan Prototype Crashes Formula E Finale In NYC

“In Formula E, recuperation plays an important part in the race strategy. In a production car, intelligent energy recovery can make it possible to achieve significant benefits in terms of range,” explains Porsche works driver Neel Jani, who was behind the wheel in New York.

“I was surprised by the long range of the new Taycan even when driven spiritedly round a race track. That is due to its performance-oriented battery and the sophisticated energy management system,” he said.

Unfortunately, apart from that single alteration, the pre-production taycan still had some bits wrapped in annoying camouflage. While the front end looks mostly finalised, Porsche insists on keeping its taillight housing designs a secret.

Porsche Taycan Prototype Crashes Formula E Finale In NYC

With an official reveal earmarked for September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, though, it’s not like we’ll need to wait long to glimpse the first-ever Porsche electric vehicle in its entirety. It might be anticlimactic given the current mystery, though, since it will likely be a combination of the design cues used in the current-generation 911 and Panamera mixed with that of the original Mission E concept car from which the Taycan project sprouted.

To reiterate, Porsche has confirmed that the car will be driven by dual electric motors for a combined output of over 447kW sent through all four wheels. Torque, in its accessibility and sheer quantity, is a central strength of electric vehicles in general and is expected to be around the 900Nm mark.

Porsche Taycan Prototype Crashes Formula E Finale In NYC

With that much motive force behind the car, the Zuffenhausen automaker also confirmed the 0-100km/h sprint will take less than 3.5 seconds while its top speed being over 250km/h. The overall storable energy within its floor-mounted bank of lithium-ion cells is not know in exactness, but is speculated to be around 100kWh.

In its most economical energy consumption mode, the Taycan is meant to have a range of around 500km, requiring just mere minutes to charge fast charge from a depleted state to 80 percent capacity provided a compatible charger is plugged in to make use of its 800 volt architecture.

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