Porsche’s All-New 911 (992) Leaked Ahead Of Reveal

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Porsche’s All-New 911 (992) Leaked Ahead Of Reveal

Porsche is due to reveal its next-generation 911 some time soon, possibly at the Los Angeles Motor Show at the end of the week. But this is the age of the internet, where no secret can be kept for long. So for those of you waiting to be surprised, we’re afraid this is going to spoil it. What you see here is the Porsche 992, successor to the current and soon-to-be outgoing 991, leaked.

The Zuffenhausen automaker was only very recently teasing the car being put through its paces ahead of its official unveil, cleverly cloaked in layers of distracting camouflage wrap. And while those pictures were professionally snapped and carefully curated for our consumption, these photos bare more relation from the time of CRT monitors and Compact Disks.

Porsche’s All-New 911 (992) Leaked Ahead Of Reveal

Turn of the century resolution aside, they are enough to communicate the 992’s exterior characteristics, which corroborate the accuracy of the various spy photos circulating since a few months prior. As with any new iteration of Porsche’s rear-engine signature sports car, there is precious little to elaborate upon by way of dramatic change, at least visually.

Still, anyone seasoned in the generational leaps involved with these cars will know better than to assume the improvements and changes are skin deep. Quite the contrary. We expect many new details to be both surprising and controversial about the 992 pertaining to those not manifest in its body alone.

All-New Porsche 911 Stress Tested Ahead Of DebutAll-New Porsche 911 Stress Tested Ahead Of DebutAll-New Porsche 911 Stress Tested Ahead Of Debut

But while we are on the subject of looks; what do we think? It’s all we have for now. Well, it looks just like a 911, as you’d expect. And to be honest we have some reservations on redesigned lower fascia which, to our eyes, really does give it a frog-like appearance - and not in any kind of charming way, either.

Elsewhere, there’s the inclusion of Porsche’s new design of headlamp, incorporating a four-pointed LED array with integrated daytime running lights. The wide body rear haunches and racy gunmetal wheels with centre-locking hubs suggest we are looking at a variant further up the hierarchy, perhaps a GTS or Carrera 4S with a Performance Pack or the like.

Moving to the rear we see a pair of tail lights connected by a single illuminated strip to match those already seen on the Cayenne, Panamera, 718 Boxster/Cayman, and Macan but overall maintains a the thin illuminator housing design.

Porsche’s All-New 911 (992) Leaked Ahead Of Reveal

There are no images of the interior, unfortunately, but we do expect the company’s more minimal approach from the Cayenne and Panamera influence the new 911 quite heavily, with screens and dynamic digital controls replacing fixed switchgear.

Mechanically, we expect Porsche to introduce a 911 range with full support of a more advanced 48 volt electrical architecture that’s able to accommodate mild-hybrid starter generators, paving the way for a parallel hybrid or PHEV permutation as are the way of the times.

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