Polestar Teases Impending Coupe, Due Oct 17th

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Doing well after the split.

Polestar Teases Impending Coupe, Due Oct 17th

Newly-separated performance marque Polestar has clearly hit the ground running after splitting up with Volvo, ending a long-standing relationship with the Swedish carmaker after management decided it would do better as a standalone company focused on a future of high-performance, highly-electrified motorcars.

With its initial renewed direction announced by Volvo all the way back in June, the ‘divorce’ was finalised on the 27th of September, with Polestar taking to Instagram to tell the world that it was “the end” of the Volvo-Polestar relationship. However, it appears that while the companies will now appear to be mutually exclusive, there will be continued cooperation between the firms, as evidenced by a series of teasers that Polestar has released regarding an impending model.

2013 Volvo Coupé Concept

The teasers are actually highly-focused, zoomed-in shots of features of the new Polestar model, which are meaningless in and of themselves but paint quite a picture when put together. A member of the forum Swedespeed put together the various teasers and discovered it was something of a puzzle, with the provided photos painting quite a photo of what to expect.

It’s clear that Polestar will keep working closely with Volvo (as intimated before), evidenced by the distinct rear design language that we’re able to extrapolate. It clearly has a strong relationship to the ‘Concept Coupe’ that we first saw from the company back in 2013, raising our hopes for an incredibly-desirable, visually-arresting coupe. What isn’t being alluded to is the motivation for such a machine, though there are plenty of angles from which to draw conclusions.

2013 Volvo Coupé Concept

During the first official mention of Polestar being repositioned as an independent marque beneath the Volvo umbrella, there was a great amount of emphasis placed on Polestar’s electrification, with Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson saying that the Polestar “will be a credible competitor in the emerging global market for high-performance electrified cars.”

So while we’d like to dream about a turbocharged 5-cylinder mill, the reality look more like a setup similar to the T8 TwinEngine drivetrain employed in various Volvo products, though undoubtedly uptuned to produce far more than the 300kW/640Nm that’s presently offered in the XC90 with that drivetrain.

Polestar Teases Impending Coupe, Due Oct 17th

While there’s little doubt that this Polestar Coupé will turn heads, we wonder just how much design work has been done. A two-door S90 perhaps, around about the size of an S60, would definitely give the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe a massive headache, especially if the designers have been on holiday and ended up putting the 2013 concept straight into production.

We’re very, very excited to see what Polestar’s got up its sleeves, so stay tuned to CarShowroom as we bring you updates as they come.

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