Polestar Takes Sustainability Seriously For Car Interiors

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Polestar Takes Sustainability Seriously For Car Interiors

Sustainability, eco-consciousness and reducing our carbon footprint is something most people and indeed manufacturer are taking very seriously these days. Polestar, builders of electric performance cars – who already has a vegan interior in the Polestar 2 EV – is going even deeper into full-circle sustainability.

“It’s clear that to be truly sustainable we have to evaluate every element that goes into our cars,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. “For Polestar, sustainability is not just about the electric powertrain. With the development of these innovative new solutions that we will introduce in our future cars we make a strong statement of our intentions.”

Polestar is synergising with Swiss-based natural fibre composite inventor Bcomp, who has come up with the technology which could turn natural fibre’s into interiors panels for the Polestar range that are not only lightweight but also safety conscious. The composite utilises flax, as it has one of the highest specific stiffness of all the natural fibres.

Polestar Takes Sustainability Seriously For Car Interiors

The EV builder will also be using the 3D-knit material on its seating surfaces. A single thread can be used to produce a three-dimensional individual component in its entirety and the base material is 100% recycled yarn derived from PET bottles.

Waste materials generated from the wine and fishing industries such as discarded fishing nets and corks can be recycled and incorporated into car interiors. The former can be transformed into carpets while the latter could end up being integrated into PVC interior componentry.

“Importantly, we don’t need to sacrifice design and luxury with these materials,” says Maximilian Missoni, head of Design at Polestar. “If anything, they enable even more premium, cutting-edge, modern and stylish executions which elevate our design-led products. It also presents a positive challenge, giving new meaning to interior design. We are able to derive new aesthetics from new contexts and technologies, allowing society to move on.” 

Polestar Takes Sustainability Seriously For Car Interiors

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