Polestar 2 Slated For Pre-Geneva Online Reveal

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But will make an in-the-metal showing at the motorshow anyway.

Polestar 2 Slated For Pre-Geneva Online Reveal – Gallery

International car launches are a major pain to put together. You have to fly distinguished motoring journalists from around the globe, convene on one location, book them all individual hotel rooms, feed them, drive them to and from locations, and sometimes entertain them (though this is a rarity). It is a logistical, catering, and PR nightmare that carmakers would probably rather do without, but have no other option. But for new zero-emissions brands like Polestar, they have an option.

Polestar is very carbon-conscious, with its debut Polestar 1 grand-tourer the only model the marque ever intends to introduce with an internal-combustion engine. And so for the Polestar 2, a smaller saloon with four (or five) doors and an even more emotive design, the company’s eschewing the usual large-scale launch and going for an online-only reveal, saying that it “supports one of the key benefits of electromobility.”

Polestar 2 Slated For Pre-Geneva Online Reveal – Gallery

But they’re also bringing it to the Geneva motor show, where the world’s motoring press will be gathered anyway, which would have significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the 2’s launch event if it were held in Switzerland. That has led us to believe that the actual reason is that when asked about the media travel/food/lodging budget for the Swedish launch, the accountants just said ‘no.’

With the launch date (and confirmation of a Geneva showing) came another teaser, this time of the 2’s rear light cluster and bluff butt. This has set off the CarShowroom office into massive speculation: Will it take on the 4-door coupé form we thought it would, or has Polestar quietly developed something more practical under our noses?

Polestar 2 Slated For Pre-Geneva Online Reveal – Gallery

Now you, like us, will just have to wait and see. Be sure to wait here on CarShowroom though because we’re more interesting, and also because we offer the best deals on new cars, in our Showroom. 

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