Piech Mark Zero A 450kW EV Super-GT

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And it’ll go 500kms between charges.

2019 Piëch Mark Zero – Geneva Motor Show

Despite bearing the name of the Volkswagen-controlling family and being helmed (in part) by the son of the vaunted chairman, Piëch Automotive has nothing at all to do with the Volkswagen Group. Instead, Piëch Automotive is a totally independent outfit, steered by Toni Piëch & partner Rea Stark Rajcic, the company is intent on offering high-luxury, low-volume automobiles to the most discerning customers the world over.

And their first product is the Mark Zero, an all-electric grand-tourer that’ll swallow 500km between charges and fit 4 passengers in luxurious accommodation.

2019 Piëch Mark Zero – Geneva Motor Show

The Mark Zero is built on what’s described as a flexible, bespoke architecture that is capable of utilising either electric, combustion, or hybrid powertrains, depending on the product and its intended usage. The Mark Zero itself is a fully-electric car, but Piëch Automotive intends to have a four-seater and some kind of performance SUV in the stable at some point, all using the same platform.

What we find particularly interesting are claims that the battery pack used in the Mark Zero, which are of unspecified origin, content & size, are said to “hardly” heat during charging & discharging cycles, and thanks to high energy recuperation rates, it can be charged from flat to 80% in just 4-hours 40-minutes with a fast-charger.

2019 Piëch Mark Zero – Geneva Motor Show

The lack of heating during usage also means that Piëch has been able to dispense of the usual battery cooling nonsense that other manufacturers have to have aboard, resulting in a 200kg weight saving for a total of just 1.8-tonnes (a featherweight in the world of electric vehicles). And thanks to the placement of the batteries, weight distribution & dynamics are claimed to be “similar to that of a conventional sports car with a combustion engine.” It also means that the floor is lower with a lower seating position, which is said to give drivers “immediate feedback” when behind the wheel.

The Mark Zero is motivated by no less than three electric motors, each putting out 150kW, making for a total of 450kW. Estimated performance specifics look juicy indeed, like the 3.2-second century sprint time, and the limited 250km/h top speed. It’ll be interesting to see where Piëch Automotive goes with its plans, and we wish them all the best in joining the ever-growing ranks of upstart automotive companies.

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