Oz Pro_cee’d GT Suspension Tune Now Global Standard

by under News on 28 Nov 2016 02:32:40 PM28 Nov 2016

The Kia Pro_cee’d GT, axed from the local lineup due to lacklustre local sales, now has the chance to live on somewhat, as the suspension setup developed for the Australian market is now being made a global standard for the Korean hot hatch.

In Australia, the Pro_cee’d failed to gain traction among buyers due to being offered exclusively as a manual; Clearly, we prioritise convenience over involvement. In any case, the facelift Pro_cee’d GT that has just been released in Europe will benefit from its unique suspension tuning, which offers a more focused experience behind the wheel. 

The Kia Australia team had worked on revising the springs and dampers among others, in preparation for a 2016 model year update. We’re guessing this offers some comfort to the Australian engineers, who will at least get to see their hard work go somewhere. 

In the meantime, Kia Australia is gunning for a hot 5-door Cerato GT (with an automatic, of course), which ought to take the fight to cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

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