Nissan Unveils IMs Concept, Which Has A Throne In Back

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Think we’re kidding? Read on.

2019 Nissan IMs Concept – NAIAS 2019

Japanese mass marque Nissan have unveiled something called the IMs Concept which, as far as we can tell, is a rehashed/reskinned version of the IMx that they unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However there are some changes on board that mark it out as being a different animal, which we will now explain.

For starters, the IMs looks like one of those fashionable 4-door saloon-coupé jobbies, which are all the rage at the moment. What’s also all the rage are crossovers, and the IMs has this covered too, thanks to batteries under the boot floor forcing Nissan to put the seats higher, which have resulted in them calling this an ‘elevated sports saloon,’ whatever the hell that means.

2019 Nissan IMs Concept – NAIAS 2019

The cabin itself is inspired by “timeless Japanese futurism,” and built with only the best craftsmanship from Japan, that melds together technology & aesthetics harmoniously. But very oddly, the bench-like rear seats aren’t a bench as it turns out – instead, they are split 3-ways, with the outer two seats able to fold forwards, turning into armrests for the centre seat that can reposition itself to become what Nissan calls a “Premier seat,” or to us, a throne.

Additionally, the two front seats can swivel to face the rear, should His Highness want an audience with the peasants up front while the car drives itself autonomously. Nissan’s augmented reality technology, called ‘Invisible-to-Visible,’ also features here and enables occupants to see what may not immediately be obvious by displaying hazards on the wrap-around 3D displays around the cabin. And using Omni-Sensing technology, it allows drivers to see around corners, visualise route information and even have a three-dimensional avatar keep them company as a ‘passenger.’

2019 Nissan IMs Concept – NAIAS 2019

The IMs is motivated by a pair of electric motors, one mounted on each axle, providing no less than 327kW and 800Nm, which is good for 610km on a single charge provided you’ve been dutiful with that 115kWh battery. There’s also an air suspension system, to ensure that your ‘elevated sports saloon’ always rides with the sort of soft, pillowy grace that you probably didn’t expect your ‘elevated sports saloon’ to have.

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