Nissan’s IMQ Concept Puts e-Power Front & Centre

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This is the “next generation of crossovers,” Nissan claims.

Nissan’s IMQ Concept Puts e-Power Front & Centre

It’s a ‘human-centric concept’ says Nissan, who have unveiled their IMQ Concept crossover at the just-opened Geneva motor show. While their nonsense about how they put people before everything else more than any other car manufacturer (a claim that everyone’s used far too often), we are interested in what the IMQ’s got under the skin, because that’s properly important.

First, the styling. The IMQ is very much a modern-day compact crossover, with sharp lines and a bold look that’s said to be Nissan’s newest interpretation of its corporate design language. It also sits high off the ground on 22-inch ‘smart tyres’ that can report back to the cabin about things like temperature, pressure, and even tread health. Down the back there’s a vertical character line that just plunges at the corners to improve aerodynamics & aesthetics, while the rear doors are rear-hinged for better ingress and egress.

Nissan’s IMQ Concept Puts e-Power Front & Centre

The cabin features a properly forward-thinking design, with a dashboard that houses an 840mm screen that sits flush with the dash surface (in appearance), with a smaller secondary screen above it that houses the ‘Virtual Personal Assistant.’ There’s also an advanced version of Nissan’s semi-autonomous ProPILOT technology, as well as the ‘Invisible-2-Visible’ that sounds like a very futuristic augmented reality system of some kind.

Beneath the skin lies what Nissan is calling the second-generation of its e-Power drivetrain, which this time is fully-electric (e-Power has traditionally referred to range-extender EV models, like the Nissan Note e-Power). With two electric motors on board, output is rated at 250kW and 700Nm, with instantaneous & linear acceleration offered. An electronically-controlled all-wheel drive system ensures smooth progress no matter how challenging the terrain, too. 

Nissan’s IMQ Concept Puts e-Power Front & Centre
“The IMQ’s design combines traditional & modern Japanese influences, and shows what’s possible when future crossovers are powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobilit. With the IMQ, the interior & exterior are seamlessly blended together, signalling what our design direction may be for Nissan’s third-generation of crossovers.” – Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President (Design), Nissan Motor Company

It’s very possible that some of the design cues, if not the technological innovations, will be implemented in upcoming Nissan models as the company puts forward its plans to transition into a new age of zero-emissions (or as-near-as-damnit zero-emissions) mobility. Also, the Juke’s getting a little long in the tooth now, isn’t it?

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