Nissan Research Says The Saloon Is Far From Dead

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Most of their 11,000 respondents would totally forgo an SUV.

Nissan Research Says The Saloon Is Far From Dead – Gallery

Despite the ongoing fascination and obsession with high-riding SUVs, it seems that there’s hope yet for the more traditional three-box saloon car. This week, Japanese marque Nissan has publicised that in a recent survey they commissioned, spanning nearly a dozen countries and comprising of 11,000 total respondents, three-quarters of them said that they would happily consider a saloon car as their next- or future-purchase.

Based on their findings, with the survey itself conducted by Edelman Intelligence, 75% of non-saloon owners would consider one in the future. The younger millennial set are even more responsive to saloons, with 80% saying that they’d consider one as their next purchase. 

Nissan Research Says The Saloon Is Far From Dead – Gallery

This of course comes at just the right time, as Nissan prepares to roll out “a series of new saloon models globally, that cater to these potential customers.” This includes the Japan-market Nissan Skyline (more familiar to us as the Infiniti Q50), as well as the all-new Altima & Sylphy.

“Our newest saloons speak directly to the needs of buyers, particularly young people who may be looking to buy their first car. As some of our competitors walk away from saloons, we’re seizing the opportunity. Nissan cars offer more advanced features than ever. In the months & years to come, Nissan drivers will enjoy more autonomous technologies, more advanced & electrified powertrains, and more connectivity.” – Ivan Espinosa, Corporate Vice President (Global Product Strategy & Planning), Nissan
Nissan Research Says The Saloon Is Far From Dead – Gallery

However, it seems that this data will have no bearing on Australia, despite 1,000 of the respondents surveyed being from here. It was made clear by Nissan’s local communications manager Tony Mee that with the exception of the upcoming Nissan Leaf electric hatchback, we shouldn’t expect to see any major upsets in the Australian product offering.

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