Nissan Australia Recalls 21,000 Cars For Airbag Fix

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Nissan Australia Recalls 21,000 Cars For Airbag Fix

Nissan Australia has today issued a recall notice for some 21,000 Navara utes and Patrol SUVs, as part of a greater recall for Takata airbag inflators. 

The faulty inflators, featured in millions of cars worldwide (and responsible of at least 11 deaths in the United States alone), are prone to moisture intrusion, which corrodes the inflator assemblies themselves. In event of an accident, these inflators can rupture and cause the dispersion of shrapnel around the cabin, dramatically increasing the risk of serious injury and death for all occupants.

Nissan is just one of a large number of manufacturers affected by the Takata inflator recall, with millions of cars being called back worldwide to replace hazardous inflators. 

Nissan Australia Recalls 21,000 Cars For Airbag Fix

The Navara and Patrol vehicles being recalled in Australia were built between June 2009 and December 2012, and join a previous recall notice for 2004-2008 Navaras and Patrols for the same issue. The VIN numbers of the affected cars are:

Navara (D22): JN1CPUD22A0030007 to JN1CPUD22A0033519 (3,513 utes involved)

Patrol (Y61): JN1***Y61A0001716 to JN1***Y61A0681762 (17,393 SUVs involved)

Parts availability is currently being confirmed, but we advise owners to reach out to their local Nissan dealership to arrange for the free-of-charge fix at the soonest possible convenience. Nissan customer service can be reached at 1800-035-035. 

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