Next VW Polo GTI To Inherit 2.0 Turbo From Golf GTI

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Next VW Polo GTI To Inherit 2.0 Turbo From Golf GTI

Volkswagen is prepping an all-new Polo to replace the Mk5 version that’s been with us since 2009. Due to launch later this year, it should be a welcome reinvigoration to the smaller of the VW hatch duo, though in facelifted guise has managed to keep pace fairly well against younger rivals. 

With each iteration of the Polo stretching back to the early 2000s, there will be a hot GTI variant as well. Details of the new car, fast version or not, remain decidedly scant, but if patterns at the Wolfsburg automaker do not change, should sport styling details to match the newly released Mk7.5 Golf. 

The headlining difference (as emphasised by our own headline) between incoming 6th-generation Polo with the outgoing Mk5 is the engine. No longer will it use the 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, but rather it will use the familiar EA888 2.0-litre TSI motor from the previous Golf GTI Mk6, as AutoExpress reports. 

Next VW Polo GTI To Inherit 2.0 Turbo From Golf GTI

Interestingly, the report claims power will stand at ‘197bhp’, which is the output of the older still Mk5 Golf GTI. The Mk6 was slightly more powerful, but we suspect the tune of the Polo motor in question is such that it will not call into question the superiority of the Golf GTI’s engine of identical displacement. 

This does mean a power bump for the new hot Polo, though we were already expecting that regardless of engine choice. It should be good for around 147kW, which admittedly isn’t all that much more than the current model’s 141kW. Torque, though, should be substantially higher at 350Nm as compared to the 250Nm given to today’s units fitted with the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. 

We wonder, then, if Volkswagen will now choose to reject that usual pairing in favour of the more reliable 6-speed wet-clutch type DSG transmissions. We also hope that the 6-speed manual option is kept. 

Next VW Polo GTI To Inherit 2.0 Turbo From Golf GTINext VW Polo GTI To Inherit 2.0 Turbo From Golf GTI

Dimensionally, the new car’s MQB A0 platform shouldn’t alter the Polo’s footprint all too much, though the inclusion of a larger engine entertains the idea that it must have somehow grown in size, perhaps at least within the engine bay. 

The usual GTI exterior accoutrements should return in this new Mk6 generation, but as it’s fairly clear that Volkswagen is making their Polo more capable, they could also throw in more goodies from the hot Golf, including the Dynamic Chassis Control adaptive dampers. 

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