Mini Yours Customisation Program Lets You Have It Your Way

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New level of personalisation for the brand.

Mini Yours Customisation Program Lets You Have It Your Way

If you pay a great amount of attention to BMW, you’ll no doubt have heard of a program called ‘BMW Individual.’ Individual allows you to tailor your BMW to make it uniquely yours, by selecting from a broader range of paint finishes, cabin materials, and unique options, or even letting you take the reins and commissioning unique colours and finishes for your BMW.

The uber-luxury marque in the BMW Group stable, Rolls-Royce, also has a similar program for its customers, recently unveiled with the new Phantom. The dashboard even includes a space called ‘the Gallery,’ that allows you to commission artworks and display them prominently in an encased space ahead of the front passenger, allowing you to effectively turn your Rolls-Royce Phantom into a rolling art gallery. 

Mini Yours Customisation Program Lets You Have It Your Way

However. If you’re not a captain of industry, or if you are but prefer your cars to be cheeky and fun, then perhaps Mini’s new ‘Yours Customised’ program might be more your speed. Yours Customised allows customers the chance to upgrade selected parts of their Mini with a design that they themselves have selected and tailored, allowing Mini owners to transform their cars into a uniquely-detailed model. Rolled out through the course of 2018, Mini Yours Customised will include things like the little inlays in the front indicators, trim panel, LED door sills, and even allows you to personalise the LED door projector puddle lights.

A new Online Shop has been developed specifically for the Yours Customised package, which gives customers the chance to select, design, and order their unique parts for their cars. Once ordered, the parts will be manufactured using state-of-the-art processes like 3D printing and laser lettering, permitting customers to go the extra mile in making their Mini distinctly theirs. 

Mini Yours Customisation Program Lets You Have It Your Way

Ordered parts will be shipped within a matter of weeks, while the parts themselves are designed to be easy enough to install that you can do it yourself, though it can also be fitted by a Mini service partner.

Not only are these parts going to be made readily available, but should the car change hands or if you change your mind, you can simply order a new part better fitting the occasion. The company says that this brings Mini individualisation to a whole new level, and we’re 100% sure that it’ll catch on with the style-conscious buyers and fans of the Mini brand.

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