MINI Teases Racy JCW GP With More Than 220kW

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MINI Teases Racy JCW GP With More Than 220kW

Once again, MINI has doubled down on hammering home the message that the next version of the racy John Cooper Works GP will only arrive in 2020 with production limited to just 3000 units globally, which is 1000 more than first two generations of the MINI GP.

The teaser images seen here alludes to plenty of aero and go-fast bits the British automaker has affixed onto the hatch to complement its bonkers performance as more 224kW is expected to be generated from its turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine.

Given its short and square stance and wheelbase and front wheel drive, that’s quite an enticing recipe especially considering that’s significantly more than what was offered before - its predecessor managing a respectable (but modest by 2019 standards) 162kW. It’s also a significant power boost over the current factory JCW variant’s 172kW.

MINI Teases Racy JCW GP With More Than 220kW

MINI is also adamant that the upcoming GP isn’t merely a wilder version of their current hot Cooper but rather a precision machine honed for the street, boasting custom suspension calibration, a wider track, uprated brakes, and even the possibility of a mechanical front differential to cope with the increased output.

Rigorous aerodynamic testing and a light-weighting programme is also underway to ensure the GP is ready for circuit work as well, with the objective being to handily best the previous generation’s 8 minute 23 second lap time around the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

“The fastest MINI in our brand history – which now goes back 60 years – is an expression of pure racing passion,” says Thomas Giuliani, Vice President Product and Launch Management.  

MINI Teases Racy JCW GP With More Than 220kW

“We are well aware of the enormous fascination exercised by the MINI John Cooper Works GP, not just from the euphoric reactions to the concept vehicle but also from past experience: after all, every one of its predecessors was completely sold out even before the official market launch.”

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