MINI Has A New 2020 Clubman, Apparently

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No, we couldn’t spot the differences either.

MINI Has A New 2020 Clubman, Apparently – Gallery

German-powered British brand Mini are going round the publications this week, telling anyone who’ll listen that they have a refreshed & updated Mini Clubman. While the brand has traditionally been quite adventurous in terms of design & packaging, they appear to have caught the evolution bug from their German minders, as the facelifted version of the Mini Clubman is so subtly revised, we had to have the differences pointed out to us.

Bring your microscopes, people.

The new car claims to have a new set of grilles which cleverly hide the ‘bar’ that used to go across the middle. The LED headlights have gained Matrix functionality and auto high-beam, while the fog lights now feature ‘Corona-ring’ driving light signatures. Round the back you get full-LED taillights as standard. But life is full of small mercies and to that end, the hideous Union Jack motif you see in the pictured car here are optional. The normal ones aren’t so bad.

MINI Has A New 2020 Clubman, Apparently – GalleryMINI Has A New 2020 Clubman, Apparently – Gallery

There are a host of new colours, alloy wheel designs, and even suspension options to choose from. On the latter topic, the Mini is now available with comfort suspension (standard-fit), sports suspension (10mm lower and obviously stiffer), and adaptive suspension. The adaptive system, to us, provides the Mini with the widest breadth of ability, giving it the go-kart agility a Mini should rightfully have when you’re blasting down a B-road, but also the comfort of a family car when the kids absolutely insist on tagging along.

The cabin has also been given a handful of small but meaningful revisions, in the form of a new electronic gear lever, as well as 3 infotainment options that alter the central screen size between 6.5-inches to 8.8-inches (with only the bigger two options featuring navigation). You also get new cabin upholstery options, though these are placed in the MINI Yours personalisation catalogue that may cost you a pretty penny to option on.

MINI Has A New 2020 Clubman, Apparently – Gallery

The Mini Clubman will continue to be available globally as a One, Cooper, Cooper S, One D, Cooper D, Cooper SD, and Cooper SD All4. Powertrain options range over 6 engines (3 petrols and 3 diesels), three transmissions (6MT, 7AT and 8AT), and either front- or all-wheel drive.

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