MG X-Motion Concept Is A Hybrid Of Everything Out There

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What’s this for, exactly?

2018 MG X-Motion Concept - '18 Auto China

Concept cars are generally used by automakers to preview something that’ll eventually find its way to a production car. Sometimes they act as a thinly-veiled preview of an upcoming production model (that’s usually already well into development), or they’ll be utilised to show off engineering innovations or design direction changes in a manner that most relatable for the average Joe.

So when we approached the MG’s new X-Motion concept car, we had some questions that weren’t immediately answered by the press release: What is it for? What is it previewing? And are you sure you haven’t just recycled a show car that Infiniti was done with?

MG’s X-Motion concept is an extension of the ‘Emotional Dynamism’ design philosophy that we first got a look at in the E-Motion concept from last year. It’s interesting to see those design details translated into an SUV, though admittedly, it looks like an amalgamation of every other crossover on the market. That face looks suspiciously like an Infiniti, with a dash of VW T-Roc on the lower bumper.

Oh, and Mazda would like its Soul Red paint back now.

2018 MG X-Motion Concept - '18 Auto China

The profile is relatively uninteresting, save for the prominent emphasis of the rear haunches, which looks good in the chosen crimson hue. But at the rear, we once again see the ‘inspiration’ of many existing contenders, particularly Japanese ones, though there’s something about the rear valance that reminds this writer of the Ferrari F12 for some reason (a bold move if that was indeed their inspiration).

Under the skin, MG says you’ll find an “electric powertrain” with “interconnection, intelligence, and information sharing,” with no mention of how it’s done. Maybe cars will swap USB sticks when parked next to each other. Also, there’s mention of integration of “advanced technology” pioneered by parent-company SAIC, though what that means wasn’t detailed. 

2018 MG X-Motion Concept - '18 Auto China

Referring to MG’s product plans going forward, we can assume that the X-Motion will eventually translate into a production model, perhaps due for a 2019 reveal. But we’d argue that if this was indeed a preview of an upcoming model, they’d have said so more prominently. If anything, this looks like a concept car drawn up so that they wouldn’t be left out at the Beijing auto show.

And while we were wowed by the E-Motion concept that showed off immense style and impressive engineering, this X-Motion is just a little lacklustre. It seems that X doesn’t necessarily mark the spot.

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