Mercedes-AMG Reveals The GLB 35 4Matic

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Mercedes-AMG Reveals The GLB 35 4Matic

AMG is very much interested in more compact, smaller displacement forms of high performance these days, evidenced previously by the expanded range of fast A-Classes like the A 35 to foreshadow of the A 45 flagship.

Along very similar lines, the Affalterbach division have set sights on Mercedes-Benz’s most recent small SUV, the 7-seat capable GLB, to create the 225kW hot Mercedes-AMG GLB 35. Unsurprisingly, it shares an identical powertrain to the aforementioned A 35, and we expect that to be again duplicated for the incoming GLA 35.

Mercedes-AMG Reveals The GLB 35 4Matic

Specifically, the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder also produces peak torque of 400Nm that is distributed to all four wheels via an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission and a 4Matic system that favours a FWD bias but is able to send up to 50 percent of power to the rear wheels.

Mercedes-AMG Reveals The GLB 35 4Matic

Being larger and higher up than the A-Class hatch, acceleration isn’t quite as gobsmacking at 5.2 seconds to 100km/h - and, we imagine, handling takes a decent hit as well despite the stiffer suspension and more aggressive attempts at compensating for its higher centre of gravity.

Buyers can specify wheels up to 21-inches in diameter, compromising ride quality further in pursuit of ultimate street cred, and equally larger are the brake rotors that span 350mm at the front and 330mm at the rear.

Mercedes-AMG Reveals The GLB 35 4MaticMercedes-AMG Reveals The GLB 35 4MaticMercedes-AMG Reveals The GLB 35 4Matic

Inside, the GLB 35 receives the usual stack of AMG-themed cabin upgrades including racier inserts and trim, a set of sport seats, and a chunky AMG-specific steering wheel. You’ll be glad to know none of this impedes the SUV’s inherent practicality, though, and the 7-seater is still as commodious as the standard model.

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