McLaren Tints A Senna’s Carbon Fibre “Fux Green”

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This isn’t the first MSO-tweaked car for Mr. Fux. 

2018 McLaren Senna by MSO

Michael Fux is certainly an interesting character. In perhaps the embodiment of the American dream, he came to the States from Cuba at age 15 back in 1958 with his family, and they aimed to build a new, better life for themselves. With his parents and a brother, they lived in a one-bedroom walkup in New Jersey, but Michael had a knack for business and opened his first (selling recapped or used tyres, and recharged car batteries) within a year.

The rest is history.

Since then, Fux has found great success in mattresses and zipped blankets and with that success, he’s indulged his passion for cars. But like most, he has eccentricities to him, and as a result a number of his cars are painted in retina-searingly bright colours. If it wasn’t for his penchant for matching his Rolls-Royces and McLarens, as well as a particular ‘Fux Fuschia’ McLaren 720S, we might not be talking about him at all. 

2018 McLaren Senna by MSO

But we’re not talking about his 720S today. Today, it’s about his new McLaren Senna which, predictably, has been tweaked by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) and given a unique lick of paint.

“We’re pleased to deliver the first McLaren Senna in the North American market. This is such a special car, designed & engineered to be the ultimate road-legal track car ever produced by McLaren. We know that owners can’t wait to get their cars on the circuit, and we’re eager for them to get behind the wheel.” — Tony Joseph, President, McLaren of North America
2018 McLaren Senna by MSO2018 McLaren Senna by MSO2018 McLaren Senna by MSO

Fux’s Senna comes with the full Visual Carbon Fibre Body option, which has then had every panel tinted in a unique ‘Fux Green’ hue, taking some 1,000 hours to produce. Further, the centre lock nuts for the wheels have been finished in red & blue, while the alloys themselves have been “ball polished” to perfection.

The revisions aren’t limited to just the exterior though. The cabin has been given a bright white leather treatment (which Fux is known to favour), and the carbon fibre bits have been given the same green tint, albeit with a glossy finish in here. Green continues to feature in the stitching all over the cabin, though the headliner remains a decidedly black shade of Alcantara.

2018 McLaren Senna by MSO

Perhaps most importantly are the lack of changes under the bonnet. Sitting midship is a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 mill producing a massive 588kW of power and 800Nm of twist, resulting in a 485kW/tonne power-to-weight ratio. The century sprint is completed in a 2.8-second blink, while burying the loud pedal into the floor for 6.8-seconds will see the speedometer read 200km/h.

The McLaren Senna is touted as being the most focused road-legal track machine ever produced by the company, and you can read about it in greater detail here.

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