McLaren Senna GTR Coming – 606kW, 1,000kg Downforce

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Extreme of the extreme.

McLaren Senna GTR Coming – Gallery

UK supercar specialists McLaren have announced the arrival of a new Senna variant, that’ll be restricted to the track and borderline-mental in execution. The Senna GTR has been confirmed by the company as it begins its dynamic testing phase, and while plenty of specifics remain up in the air, some have already been screwed down.

McLaren has clarified that the 4.0-litre biturbo V8 in the Senna will produce no less than 606kW and 800Nm, representing an 18kW increase over the regular Senna, though torque remains the same. However as it’s a track-only vehicle, the gearbox now features shifting on the steering wheel, which itself is a special race-inspired version that McLaren says isn’t road legal. 

McLaren Senna GTR Coming – Gallery

The Senna GTR will carry unique, modified bodywork which will visually separate it from the standard Senna, which has been teased in a design sketch. It’ll sit on the same chassis but feature wider tracks on either end, and centre-lock wheels. Wider fenders, larger ankle-killing front splitter & rear diffuser, and a ‘repositioned’ active wing will all be tacked on, with the final two elements working together to improve downforce at lower speeds.

Altogether, the aerodynamic revisions (including retooled active aero taken from the standard Senna) produce a whopping 1,000kg of downforce at its maximum. ‘Cornering on rails’ will take on a whole new meaning in the Senna GTR.

McLaren Senna GTR Coming – Gallery

Lightness is also a central tenet in the Senna GTR, and all but the absolutely necessary have been removed from the cabin. Gone are the airbags (gulp) as well as the infotainment screen, as well as the trick folding instrument display from the road car. All that’s left is the air-conditioning, as well as a radar-assisted rear collision avoidance system (an odd thing to have in a track-car, don’t you think).

Although they haven’t released a specific number, McLaren says that the Senna GTR will be lighter than the Senna on which it’s based, which itself is the lightest McLaren since the legendary F1. That lack of weight should ensure even greater responsiveness and agility, helped by specially-developed Pirelli slicks. The brakes have also been given a going-over too, and is projected to deliver 20% greater deceleration force, resulting in a face-pulling maximum of 3g.

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