McLaren Drops Details On Speedtail – The Ultimate Ultimate-Series?

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It’ll surpass the F1 in every measurable way.

McLaren Drops Details On Speedtail – Gallery

McLaren has begun the slow tease ahead of the introduction of its new halo hypercar, which aims to pick up where the iconic F1 three-seater left off and bring McLaren to new heights (and speeds) and reaffirm the brands status as on the very cutting edge of automotive capability. Dubbed the Speedtail, the new McLaren will draw a direct link to the F1 in terms of lineage, but reimagines that super-fast super-sleek recipe in a way that greater fits the world of today.

Evidence of this is the choice to augment the output from the internal-combustion engine with an electric system, with the hybrid powertrain rated to an output in excess of the 735kW (or 986bhp) touted by the P1 GTR, and far more than the 461kW touted by the F1’s BMW-sourced V12 engine. Further, the Speedtail will aim for a maximum top speed that will eclipse the 243mph (391km/h) that was achieved by the F1 ever so long ago, saying that at that speed the Speedtail “will still be accelerating.”

McLaren Drops Details On Speedtail – Gallery

Just 106 McLaren Speedtails will be built, and all of them have already been reserved at an eye-watering price tag of £1.75-million each before taxes (or in excess of $2.23-million). The Speedtail will also be a driver-middle three-seater hypercar, drawing a direct line from the F1 it will succeed. The Speedtail, which will be the third and flagship Ultimate Series model from McLaren, will also bear a unique exterior styling treatment from not just the Senna & P1 that also inhabit the Ultimate Series, but also from the rest of the range.

But unlike the Senna & P1, the Speedtail will be more of a hyper-speed grand-tourer as opposed to a stripped-out track demon, as McLaren themselves followed statements like “peak speed higher than any McLaren yet” with quick quips claiming the Speedtail will be “the most luxurious” model from them yet.

And of course, each of the 106 made will be infinitely customisable with help from the ever-willing boffins at McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

McLaren Drops Details On Speedtail – Gallery

The Speedtail will be the plushest and arguably the most usable Ultimate Series model by McLaren thus far, and will serve as a halo car for the brand for several years. But while other models have received race-ready GTR models, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a Speedtail GTR in the future.

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