Mazda MX-5 Drophead Coupe Concept Headed To Tokyo Auto Salon

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First such removable hardtop for this generation MX-5.

2019 Mazda MX-5 Drophead Coupe Concept

Hiroshima-based carmaker Mazda is prepping for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon in a big way, tarting up their iconic & well-loved MX-5 small sports car with lots of little touches to turn it into one big crowdpleaser. The result is the MX-5 Drophead Coupé Concept and, among other things, it debuts the first removable hardtop for the 4th-generation sports car.

The previous three iterations of the MX-5 have been offered with some form of removable hard top, but this model hasn’t. The current MX-5 is only available as a Retractable Fastback (or what the rest of us would more readily call a targa top), or as a proper canvas-lined convertible, replete with a two-step motion to pull it up or flick it down. The Drophead Coupé shows us what an optional hardtop might look like for the MX-5.

On the concept car, the hardtop is made of carbon fibre, in keeping with the MX-5’s prevailing theme of lightness above all else. It’s unclear if the hardtop sits on an otherwise-topless model, or if there’s a canvas top in there as well (though this is likely the case). Additional equipment for the Tokyo Auto Salon include things like a bodykit, 16-inch Rays forged alloys, prominently-placed towing eyes on either end, and decals. The interior also gets Recaro seats, as well as aluminium pedals.

2019 Mazda MX-5 Drophead Coupe Concept

It’s not all look-at-me kit either. You’ll find an assortment of performance upgrades, starting with a lightweight flywheel, moving on to a performance air filter, limited-slip differential, upgraded clutch, and ending with reinforced suspension bushings. This should all work in concert to make the MX-5 Drophead Coupé Concept just ever-so-slightly-better to drive than its non-Drophead brethren.

We hope that the carbon fibre roof is an indicator of a possible Mazda-manufactured accessory, especially for customers who might prefer the proper open-top experience afforded by the MX-5 roadster but would like the option of a proper hardtop from time to time.

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