Maserati To “Never Go All-Electric” – Report

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There’ll always be combustion in Modena, it seems.

Maserati To “Never Go All-Electric” – Gallery

Italian marque Maserati, with a new boss at the helm and purpose rediscovered, is navigating its way out of the murky waters its been in over the last few years. Lacklustre reception of its models in recent times have forced the company to strategise once again – and now that it’s figured out its heading in earnest (and ‘updated’ a few models as a result), the company can now focus on returning to the glory it once held.

According to new FCA boss Mike Manley, the Modena marque is regaining momentum, with a full lineup refresh and two new models expected by 2022. With these changes, the company should be able to reverse some, if not all of its troubles: In the first quarter of 2019, Maserati recorded 41% fewer shipments and 38% less net revenue. In 2018, the company recorded a loss of 28% of sales over the year before it. FCA is now putting its weight behind the company globally though, with stronger marketing for the brand set to ensue.

Maserati To “Never Go All-Electric” – Gallery

Maserati will, with its new lineup of cars, introduce varying levels of electrification. They’re set to have it all from mild-hybrid all the way up to full-electric, but there is something that they absolutely will not do. According to North American boss Alistair Gardner when he spoke to Motor Trend, the company will never retire the internal combustion engine.

“[Maserati] is a brand that needs combustion engines. It needs that raw emotion.” – Alistair Gardner, President & CEO, Maserati North America

Going to more exciting news, the two all-new models that’ll be coming in the next three years or so consist of a sub-Levante SUV, as well as a sports car that’ll hopefully kill off the GranTurismo that’s been in existence since shortly after humankind discovered the wheel. As for the Levante cash-cow, Gardner says that with awareness around the Levante at a mere 22%, there’s still a lot of life left in the big girl. This is important as Gardner reckons, thanks to running refinements & gradual changes the Levante is now capable of winning over any detractors that take the time to take it out for a spin.

We’ll remain skeptical about that for the time being.

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