Maserati To Make Do Without Ferrari Power By 2021

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Heaven forbid they start using Dodge Hellcat engines in there.

Maserati To Make Do Without Ferrari Power By 2021 – Gallery

It’s no secret that modern Maserati models feature firepower under the bonnet that’s designed & built by the boffins in a certain factory in Maranello, and should rightfully bear a prancing horse. The technical cooperation between Maserati and Ferrari dates back to when they were both FCA brands, prior to Ferrari being separated and publicly-listed some five years ago. But despite the (amicable) divorce, Ferrari has continued to manufacture V6 and V8 engines for Maserati at their Maranello factory – but this is about to change.

“As you know, we have a contract [with Maserati]. And as you know, Maserati has announced that at the end of that contract they will not renew it. Eventually we will no longer supply engines to Maserati which, from our perspective, is actually a good thing from both a margin perspective but also that we can transfer a lot of the labour [that engine production has taken up] to the car side of the business.” – Louis Camilleri, Chief Executive Officer, Ferrari NV
Maserati To Make Do Without Ferrari Power By 2021 – Gallery

Camilleri said this during Ferrari’s Q1 earnings call, which was since posted online by The Motley Fool.

It’s currently unclear what Maserati intends to do in the future. The company’s been relatively quiet on the engine-development front, suggesting that they might not have an engine design lying around to put forward when Maranello cuts them off. Currently, their entire lineup is powered by Ferrari-developed engines, sans the odd diesel here and there.

FCA is also ill-equipped to assist in this matter. Alfa Romeo is currently the only manufacturer under the FCA umbrella that has a suitable engine but, under new management, FCA wants a greater distance to be put between Alfa Romeo and Maserati, which would suggest that they won’t really look in that direction to fill the power plant void. Furthermore, the most powerful engine that Alfa currently has is the 2.9-litre V6 in the Giulia & Stelvio Quadrifoglio, which while potent as all hell, is somewhat inadequate for usage in a Maserati.

Maserati To Make Do Without Ferrari Power By 2021 – Gallery

It certainly looks like Maserati will need to look for another engine supplier once their contract with Ferrari runs its course. They could go their own way and do their own thing, but FCA’s fastidious cost-cutting measures suggest they won’t be given the capability to do so. What is Modena to do?

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