Maserati’s 2019 Aussie Lineup Shaves As Much As $46k

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Maserati’s Aussie Lineup Shaves As Much As $46k – Gallery

Maserati. A name you can’t say without triggering a deeply-buried Italian accent and some involuntary hand movement. And for some time, newer Maserati models were highly impressive, like the last-generation Quattroporte, which aged like fine wine. The newer ones have been far less characterful, at least for a high-luxury marque, and so Maserati is responding to the waning sentiment.

How are they responding? With price slashes, of course. Nicking a strategy out of the mass-market playbook, Maserati has dropped prices from between $10k to $46k (yes that’s forty-six thousand dollars off) to try and reverse the sales slump they experienced last year.

Maserati’s Aussie Lineup Shaves As Much As $46k – Gallery

The Levante SUV remains the most popular model in the range, though the entry-point remains affixed at $125,000 with the suffix-less V6 model. GranSport & GranLusso models (GS & GL respectively) are now down $15k at $144,990, with minor spec changes that are not entirely worth discussing.

The Levante Turbo Diesel is now $129,990, with the Turbo Diesel GS & GL now also $144,990, representing a $10k & $15k reduction respectively.

And the Levante S has also been subject to price cuts, now $15k down at $164,990. The S GranSport & GranLusso are now identically-priced at $179,990, down $10k.

Maserati’s Aussie Lineup Shaves As Much As $46k – Gallery

The Ghibli family has also seen some changes, with not just price drops to talk about. The Ghibli diesel is no more, and neither is the Ghibli S. So now the range kicks off at $139,990 (a reduction of $4), while the Ghibli GS & GL remain stagnant at $163,990.

You’ll then have to move up to a Ghibli S GranSport or S GranLusso, now that the base Ghibli S is gone. For that you’ll be shelling out $184,990, which represents a drop of $11k.

Maserati’s Aussie Lineup Shaves As Much As $46k – Gallery

Then there’s the mac-daddy, the Quattroporte. Previously available in 9 forms, the Quattroporte is now sold in just 4. The diesels and entry-level Quattroporte & Quattroporte S have been axed, meaning the buy-in point has been raised to the Quattroporte GranLusso & GranSport, pegged at $224,990, sitting $15k lower than before (but still $10k dearer than the outgoing base model). And for those looking to bring home a Quattroporte GTS GranSport & GranLusso, you’ll be looking at a $45k savings as the purchase price has been dropped to $299,990.

But for those who’ve read this far along, excited about the prospect of getting a GranTurismo sports car or GranCabrio… uh, cabrio, local distributor Ateca have not thrown you a bone. The coupe will set you back $295,000 as a Sport or $345,000 as an MC, with the GranCabrio commanding a $40k and $10k on top of that.

Maserati’s Aussie Lineup Shaves As Much As $46k – Gallery

With a 13.2% decrease in sales over 2018, we’ve no doubt that Maserati are hoping to see a rebound with the nearly range-wide price reductions. Such price drops very rarely occur on this end of the market though the real question is, is it enough to tempt you out of a more tried-and-tested German rival?

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