M4 GT4, The BMW Endurance Racer You Can Buy

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2017 BMW M4 GT4

The BMW M4 GT4 is far more a boneshaking raw race car than the stripped out GTS because, well, it really is a race car, and one that’s due make its debut at the Nurburgring 24 Hours endurance race next week. But despite what the livery and the big aero may suggest, this M4 is actually road legal. 

Revealed at the Nordschleife by the BMW Motorsport division during an exclusive customer event, the M4 GT4 will set back each owner 169,000 Euros. 

“Even after many years, the launch of a new car is still one of the absolute highlights for me as BMW Motorsport Director,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “The start of the sales phase sees us reach another milestone with the BMW M4 GT4,”

2017 BMW M4 GT42017 BMW M4 GT42017 BMW M4 GT4

“We are looking forward to seeing the car enjoy success in the hands of our customer teams from 2018. We are offering our customers a sophisticated and reliable GT4 car, which incorporates all of BMW Motorsport’s expertise, coupled with the strong basis provided by the BMW M4 Coupé. The development of the BMW M4 GT4 focussed on mileage, cost efficiency and ease of maintenance.”

In order to tinge the track-focused GT4 with real world reliability, BMW has mixed in components from both their own dedicated race cars as well as production performance models. Under the bonnet is a familiar sight, a 3.0-litre S55 turbocharged straight-six producing an identical output to the standard M4 - 317kW and 550Nm - that’s sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed M DCT dual-clutch transmission. The interior bits, though, are taken from the M6 GT3 race car. 

More motorsport input has gone into the gearbox and engine calibrations, meaning an engine that’s more sensitive to throttle modulation and a quicker, more ferocious cog swapping. 

2017 BMW M4 GT42017 BMW M4 GT42017 BMW M4 GT4

They’ve also added a feature called ‘Power Sticks’, that can be programmed to extract different levels of performance from the engine but also protects it against any unwanted and potentially harmful manipulation (i.e tuning), while allowing the car to quickly be adapted to a variety of racing needs. 

A lot of the car, as you may have guessed, is either removed completely over the standard M4 or replaced with a carbon fibre alternative. CFRP is used on the doors, bonnet, roof, wings, and splitters. There’s also a lightweight exhaust system, larger carbon brakes, and more durable suspension components to handle the punishment of consistent motorsport. Finally, but less exciting, is the 125-litre endurance fuel tank. 

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