Lotus Takes Their Christmas Tree Drifting Around Hethel

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Because why the hell not, right?

Lotus Takes Their Christmas Tree Drifting Around Hethel – Gallery

In an adorable video, UK performance brand Lotus have decided to mark the holiday season by strapping a Christmas tree, replete with signature Lotus baubles, ornaments, and a specially-made Lotus-branded ‘star,’ to the back of a Lotus Evora GT410 Sport. This writer takes no issue that the Evora GT410 Sport in question was finished in yellow, but the editor-in-chief thinks it should have been red.

Lotus themselves are calling the yellow car the #DriftmasEvora, and they call it an “ingenious way to transport a Christmas tree.” Admittedly, we’d have used a cart, or maybe a wheelbarrow, but ok. 

“While most Christmas trees travel strapped to roof racks or stuffed in car boots, Lotus knew it could do it differently with carbon fibre, a little welding, and a lot of burning rubber. Using closed roads, and with thanks to an understanding security guard, the two-minute video encompasses the whole facility, and even includes two of the marque’s most famous cars (and a bike). Extra points if you can spot & name them.” – Lotus Cars

As Lotus would like to wish all a #MerryDriftmas, we too would like to wish our readers a very merry Christmas and a fabulous new year. Stay safe this holiday season and unless you have your own factory to have a play in, please don’t attempt these antics yourself. Have mercy on the Christmas tree.

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