Lister’s LFT-C Is A 330km/h Drop-Top

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But only ten will be made, with an RRP of £139,000.

2020 Lister LTF-C

Lister, that specialist British carmaker that generally takes borderline-unhinged Jaguars and pushes them over the edge, have announced another properly-unhinged Jaguar-based model called the LFT-C, which was once in its life a regular ‘ol Jaguar F-Type convertible.

But while most would be happy with a supercharged V8 F-Type in vanilla form, for 10 very lucky owners, they can have something that’s not only special to look at, but nuts to drive. The LFT-C takes the V8 mill and tunes it up to a whopping 497kW, which then gives the LFT-C the ability to hit a rated top speed of 330km/h. And if you don’t have an airport runway at your disposal you’ve little to worry about, as the century sprint time is equally impressive at a little-over 3-seconds.

2020 Lister LTF-C

The LFT-C and its limited 10-unit run will benefit from a highly-customisable build process, with owners able to customise and personalise their cars and take the sale price well beyond the £139k base that Lister will relieve you of (roughly $257k at the time of writing). But for that money, you do get standard carbon-fibre body panels and unique aesthetic features like the bumpers, wheel arches, grille, and alloy wheels.

And inside, the LFT-C benefits from a bespoke exhaust system that fills the hand-built, totally-retrimmed cabin with only the very best noises that the V8 motor has to offer. In case you’re wondering, that interior is trimmed with “the finest UK Nappa hides,” courtesy of Bridge of Weir.

The LFT-C may only have a 10-unit run, but the LFT-666 Coupé continues to soldier on strong with its 99-unit production number. The first deliveries began in January, with one reportedly here in Australia. The 2019 allocation of Coupés have all been sold out, but 2020 models are now up for grabs.

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