Lister Confirms New Knobbly For Production

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… and that’s all.

Lister Confirms New Knobbly For Production – Gallery

Lister will build a new Knobbly, and here’s a sketch of it.

[Ed: That’s not an article.]

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the current Lister boss Lawrence Whittaker confirmed that his company will be making a new-generation Knobbly, in the most modern reinterpretation of the legendary race car to date. The original Knobbly, which is still in production, continues to compete in racing series’ around the world, and sits proudly among the hotted-up Jaguars that serves as the company’s bread-and-butter models presently.

Lister Confirms New Knobbly For Production – Gallery

If you’re keen on this largely-irrelevant proposition and want to know more about its platform, powertrain, and other technical specifics... tough. Lister (and its tweeting boss) have not gone into any detail at all about what will power the new Knobbly, what platform it’ll utilise, or even how much it’ll cost. So we’re going to make assumptions and say it’s nuclear-powered, shares underpinnings with a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and will cost a billion dollars. Ok?

The original Knobbly continues to be available today with either a 3.8-litre straight-six (how’s that for old-fashioned), or a 4.8-litre V8 out of a Chevrolet Corvette. It’s possible that the new Knobbly could merely be an evolution of the original, and make use of the same platform & powertrains, just wrapped in a lighter and more aerodynamic shell.

Or it could be made of rhodium and unobtanium. Who knows, really.

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