Leak Indicates 260kW Alfa Romeo Giulia Imminent

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Leak Indicates 260kW Alfa Romeo Giulia Imminent

Alfa Romeo may be planning to reveal a new variant to their Giulia sedan, supposedly to fill a gap between their performance flagship Quadrifoglio Verde and midrange-but-still-quick Giulia Veloce. To be clear, there’s a 169kW power gulf between them, certainly enough to warrant an in-betweener.

On the FCA-operated Mopar Technical Authority web portal, freelance journalist Bozi Tatarevic discovered a new and unfamiliar addition to the engine selection drop down where it detailed a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol with ‘350HP’ (260kW), something he promptly took a screen grab of an posted on social media.

The Italian automaker, it appears, could be the next to offer a very high output from a pedestrian engine capacity and so few cylinders. On the top of our heads, the ones that have popularised this method of big-power generation have been Mercedes-AMG with their A45, Ford with the 2.3-litre EcoBoost in the Focus RS, Honda in the newest Civic Type R, and Volvo in their twin-charged T6 motor.

Leak Indicates 260kW Alfa Romeo Giulia ImminentLeak Indicates 260kW Alfa Romeo Giulia Imminent

Indeed, the only other option for Alfa Romeo to achieve that kind of output would be to insert a detuned version of their bi-turbo V6. Though, seeing as how that engine is one of the QV’s most prestigious selling points, it would be a waste to see it commoditised.

There have been some talk of a Giulia with roughly 260kW before this latest development, but Alfa Romeo have denied any other engine variants/tunes for the 2018 model year. Having said that, perhaps these are the early unofficial confirmations of that such a configuration could appear in the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Leak Indicates 260kW Alfa Romeo Giulia Imminent

Supposedly, the extra fast 2.0-litre Giulia’s increased performance will come courtesy of a new 48-volt electrical architecture, supplying enough energy to run an electric compressor. Given the on-demand nature of this forced induction system, it’s possible that the power figure is only possible during a brief overboost window, leading to the possibility that this new model isn’t a new model at all but rather the 2019 update to the Giulia Veloce.

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