Land Rover SVO Creates One-Off Red Cross Discovery

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A mobile nerve centre never looked so swish.

2018 Land Rover Discovery TD6 – Red Cross Edition by SVO

Land Rover’s skunkworks, the Special Vehicle Operations division (or SVO), must’ve had some downtime between making V8 Defenders and rather unhinged Jaguar XEs, so they had a bit of a chat with the Austrian division of the Red Cross and decided that it was time to send them another gift. Land Rover has long been a charitable donor to the Red Cross, having first given them a Defender for use in the sands of Dubai back in 1954, with about 120 vehicles given to the humanitarian organisation since.

Of course the Defender isn’t around anymore, so they had to give them something else. So they took one of their diesel Discovery SUVs back to their shed and worked on it for a year and a half, and this is the result: Say hello to the Discovery Red Cross.

2018 Land Rover Discovery TD6 – Red Cross Edition by SVO

Made specifically for the Red Cross, this tricked-out Disco features all the accoutrements needed by the organisation, for use as a nerve centre during critical response & emergency situations. The Disco’s been given the latest & greatest telecommunications technology to ensure connectivity even in the harshest and most remote locations on the planet, and even comes with its own 8-rotor drone.

Under the bonnet lies a 3.0-litre TD6 motor, the kind of engine known for its reliability (stop laughing) and fuel efficiency (you may laugh now). In addition to that motor, the Red Cross Disco also features no less than 4 radio antennae, as well as 360º lighting, to ensure easy location of the vehicle and ease of working around it too.

2018 Land Rover Discovery TD6 – Red Cross Edition by SVO

Another special feature on the Red Cross Disco is its drone. A specially-built unit, it utilises 8 rotor motors for maximum stability, and was designed to be stored easily and niftily on board the car itself. It also features a thermal imaging camera that is super long-range, so it can spot a person (or indeed an animal) from as far as 440m away. Which is great, unless you’re in distress about 445m away.

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