Kia Unwraps EcoDynamics Diesel-Electric Hybrid System

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But not for us, unfortunately.

Kia Unwraps EcoDynamics Diesel-Electric Hybrid System

Korean carmaker Kia has pulled the wraps off a new diesel-electric hybrid powertrain that they’ve dubbed EcoDynamics+, which is essentially a mild-hybrid diesel-electric job. Pairing a turbo-diesel with an electric motor, the company claims that the setup reduces engine load and captures otherwise wasted energy during deceleration, braking, and costing, which increases drivetrain efficiency.

The 48V mild-hybrid starter generator is paired to a 0.46kWh lithium-ion battery, and is able to offer up to 10kW of power in a ‘motor’ mode, useful for stop-start slow moving traffic. Further, its ability to propel the car means that Kia can now offer a ‘Moving Stop&Start’ function, which permits the internal-combustion motor to be shut off when the vehicle is slowing to a stop (and can be restarted without fuss should that stop suddenly not be needed). 

Kia Unwraps EcoDynamics Diesel-Electric Hybrid System
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So flexible is the EcoDynamics+ system that it can be used with a manual or an automatic transmission, and can be tooled to run on front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive powertrains. Further, EcoDynamics+ can also be mated to a petrol engine, meaning that with a little rejigging, Kia might be able to offer electrified versions of almost every passenger car in its range.

The first recipient of the EcoDynamics+ drivetrain will be the Kia Sportage, due to be facelifted later this year. Further, the new Kia Ceed will then get the same treatment, though there’s no concrete indication of where it’ll go after that.

For those of you getting excited, we’ve got some bad news. Kia Australia has reiterated to CarAdvice that it’ll remain committed to going full-electric in our market, with two electric models due by 2021.

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