Kia Teases New Soul – EV-Only For Right-Hook Markets?

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Seems combustion may be the reserve of North America.

Kia Teases New Soul – Gallery

Korean marque Kia have begun the teaser campaign around their new Soul hatchback, and while that normally wouldn’t mean much considering its slow sales here in Australia, there’s reason to pay rapt attention to what Kia reckons is one of their ‘style icons.’

The first teaser is of the rear, where the Soul shows off its new-design taillights which go from the topmost corner of the rear down to what appears to be the end of the tailgate. Also seen is the ‘Soul’ branding on the C-pillar, as well as a small cutout on the left: Could that be one of those stylish ‘hidden’ doorhandles that some auto-hacks vehemently despise? 

Kia Teases New Soul – Gallery

But there’s a teaser of the nose which looks rather interesting to us, showing off a slim upper-headlight. This means that the Soul will adopt the fascia we’ve gotten used to seeing from Kia’s SUVs rather than their passenger cars, strengthening the likelihood of the Soul being positioned as a crossover when it eventually comes to market.

What we find particularly interesting is the discussions surrounding the Soul: Rumour has it that the new-generation model will only be offered as an electric car in North America, while European markets will be offered only a full-electric version. We have reason to believe that if true, Australia will only be getting the Soul as an EV, given the model’s lethargic sales & Kia’s commitment to bringing more electric cars to market in the future.

Do you think this ‘style icon’ should only be offered here as an all-electric model? Let us know your thoughts on the Soul below.

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