Kia Shows Off 2019 Sorento Prior To L.A Unveil

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2019 Kia Sorento - Preview

Kia has (digitally) pulled the wraps off their updated Sorento SUV just prior to its official debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show. It’s shown here doing its best majestic pose in a place called Hell’s Gate in Moab, Utah - one of the most challenging off-road expanses known to trail huggers.

It’s mean to demonstrate that the new Korean 7-seater boasts more than mere practicality plusses, but also is able to tackle the rough stuff should the need arise. Frankly, we doubt the average Sorento owner would plan such as excursion, but at least it’s good to know they could.

No powertrain details have been revealed at this stage, though we suspect they will not deviate much from the current range’s engines and transmissions. The extra off-roading prowess is achieved, apparently, entirely through a new and more advanced all-wheel drive system.

2019 Kia Sorento - Preview

It’s also quite likely we’re seeing some North American specific kit fitted to the Sorento pictured here. Those large glossy chrome-effect wheels scream it as the Cadillac Escalade for the average family. The rest of its styling, though, should be uniformly available in other markets. 

Oddly, though, Kia has opted to call this Sorento a 2019 model, which means that it shouldn’t even be available in showrooms until latter 2018 at the earliest. This is puzzling as, on the face of it, it would be relatively easy to roll out this updated SUV.

There might be some differences in kit, powertrains, and cosmetics, but should otherwise be very similar to the 3rd-generation Sorento we’ve been accustomed to since 2014.

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