Kia’s Hot ‘Habaniro Concept’ Leaks Before NYIAS

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Kia’s Hot ‘Habaniro Concept’ Leaks Before NYIAS – Gallery

Kia appears to be preparing to spice things up at the upcoming New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), as they’re bringing quite a hot little thing to the show. It’s called the ‘Habaniro’ concept which, yes, is a play on words. The image you see here was leaked by a NYIAS newsletter that was circulating ahead of the autoshow’s opening, and was then picked up by Carscoops.

What we find interesting is the use of ‘Niro,’ as we have reason to believe that it’s not actually based on the Niro. The Kia Niro for the uninitiated is an electrified crossover-type vehicle that Kia sells in the States, which is broadly of similar size as this concept. However, Kia’s been referring to this car internally as the ‘SP,’ and there’s talk that the eventual production car will arrive from India.

Kia’s Hot ‘Habaniro Concept’ Leaks Before NYIAS – GalleryKia’s Hot ‘Habaniro Concept’ Leaks Before NYIAS – Gallery

This leads us to believe that this is actually based on the SP Concept & SP Signature Concept cars that we’ve seen in New Delhi and Seoul respectively, albeit with a significantly-updated body. There’s a very bold C-pillar in red, W-shaped LED lights on the nose, a very-distinctive Z-shaped element that runs across the front joining the two doors together, as well as a chunky front bash plate.

There’s no mention of what powers the Habaniro, given that this is just a leak, which means it could get the Niro’s full-EV powertrain with 150kW of power, or one of the hybrid setups with a more humble 104kW. It’s also possible that the Niro link is being made to link it to the US market and it’ll share nothing with the car they get there, meaning the possibility of fruity turbo-petrol mills from Kia’s extensive engine catalogue.

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