Jeep Grand Commander Makes Online ‘Debut’

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If you can call a 10-second video a ‘debut.’

2019 Jeep Grand Commander

It’s no secret that American SUV marque Jeep has been working on a China-only large SUV, the sort of thing that the Chinese market laps up, that would put comfort and refinement above off-road ability. To that end, the Americans have unveiled the Grand Commander online, with a sole video showing off the new car’s unique, and remarkably handsome design.

What we know for certain at this point, as precious few details were released, is that the Grand Commander retains the same sleek, yet imposing look that we quite liked from the Yuntu concept that we saw at last years’ Shanghai Motor Show. Packing 7-seats and a fuel-efficient drivetrain, the Grand Commander is expected to be offered exclusively in China, with the car itself developed together with Jeep’s Chinese manufacturing partner, the Guangzhou Automotive Group (GAC). 

2019 Jeep Grand Commander

With a long wheelbase and pretty substantial overhangs, it’s pretty clear that Jeep is shamelessly targeting the luxury SUV market, paying little attention to the off-road ability that Jeep’s international offerings leverage on. An all-wheel drive model will be available (based on educated guessing on the Chinese website), though the engine on offer will be the same.

The Grand Commander sees motivation from a 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder that first debuted in the Wrangler. Output will be either 175kW or 197kW depending on trim line, though all cars will get a nine-speed automatic transmission. 

For those who may be feeling a bit sidelined, upset that the 7-seater Jeep you want is limited to just one market, fret not: A Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are coming, set to debut in 2020. Brawnier engines, proper off-road ability, and a plusher cabin are all but guaranteed.

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