Jeep Gladiator To Take On Raptor With ‘Gladiator Hercules’ – Report

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But, it’s not set in stone.

Jeep Gladiator To Take On Raptor With ‘Gladiator Hercules’ – Gallery

Jeep is carving themselves out as one of the most generous carmakers out there, at least as far as listening to their customers & giving them what they want. Their customers wanted a new Wrangler, which they’ve done. They wanted 3-door and 5-door bodystyles, which they’ve done. Diesel & hybrid? Settled. And then they went further and offered the Gladiator, the Wrangler ute that everyone had been asking for.

And then someone asked if they wanted to take on the Ford F-150 Raptor by offering a high-performance, dune-wrangling, dust-kicking machine. And now they’re looking into it. Nice guys, Jeep.

Jeep Gladiator To Take On Raptor With ‘Gladiator Hercules’ – Gallery

Anyway, the Gladiator ‘Hercules’ is presently being evaluated for market viability, with a formula that would likely leave Ford a little worried about its F-150 Raptor. The Raptor has largely been unchallenged in the US in its ability to take on any and all terrain at massive speed – but the Jeep Gladiator Hercules will change that.

And the Jeep Gladiator forums have already uploaded the usual fan-submitted renders, giving us an idea of what such a Hercules might look like. The forums also suggest that they might already have a working, running prototype right now to test the capabilities of such a car, ahead of approval from management.

Jeep Gladiator To Take On Raptor With ‘Gladiator Hercules’ – Gallery

But that said, there are lots of cars that get into the early-prototype phase and then never go any further. That said, as the Gladiator is more than likely to make it to Aussie shores, we are extra hopeful that the Hercules will come to fruition. So that we too can go bombing through the sand. Because that’s a thing we’d like to do.

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