Jaguar Project 8, XE 300 Sport Go On A Beach Assault

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And they quite literally assault the beach.

Jaguar Project 8, XE 300 Sport Go On A Beach Assault – Gallery

It’s quite often that carmakers try and draw parallels between the vanilla, fuel-efficient, cost-friendly model that you play with in the showroom to some balls-to-the-wall, lick-the-windows, crap-yourself mental performance halo model, to try and make you buy into the idea that the car you’re enquiring about financing for has some connection to something race-bred.

The latest offender is Jaguar, trying to make you believe that if you go to a showroom today and try out their XE compact executive saloon, you’ll enjoy just a hint of the XE SV Project 8’s Hyde within the more restrained and sensible XE’s Jekyll. But rather than take it to a track to prove that an XE 300 Sport is just as good, they’ve taken it to a beach. In Wales. To do drifting.

While the video is a whole ball of fun and certainly reminds customers that Jaguar cars are perfected on the track, there’s no denying that among the pack, the Jaguar XE is one of the very best compact saloons to drive. BMW may make a huge song and dance about its 3-Series, but the Jaguar XE’s ability to involve the driver in hitherto-unseen levels is only really challenged by the Alfa Romeo Giulia, and even then only in full-fat Quadrifoglio spec. Now that we’ve gotten back to thinking about the time we spent with the Jaguar XE, perhaps that marketing nonsense isn’t so nonsensical after all…

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