Jaguar-Land Rover Wins Lawsuit Against Evoque-Clone

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The Landwind X7 will now be withdrawn from sale.

Jaguar-Land Rover Wins Lawsuit Against Evoque-Clone – Gallery

After years in the courts, Jaguar-Land Rover has finally been delivered a positive verdict on its lawsuit against Chinese firm Landwind, which has been for the last several years selling a copycat of the stylish & desirable Range Rover Evoque, which it calls the Landwind X7. Despite the global notoriety of the brazen imitation, Chinese laws have traditionally protected local automakers, which is why the verdict delivered by a Beijing court sets new precedents for international automakers aiming to contend in the Chinese market.

“We welcome this decision of the Beijing court, which further strengthens our confidence in investing in China and in the fairness of intellectual property adjudication in the Chinese courts. This ruling is a clear sign of the law being implemented appropriately to protect consumers and uphold their rights so that they are not confused or misled, whilst protecting business investment in design & innovation.” – Keith Benjamin, Global Legal Director, Jaguar-Land Rover
Jaguar-Land Rover Wins Lawsuit Against Evoque-Clone – GalleryJaguar-Land Rover Wins Lawsuit Against Evoque-Clone – Gallery

Despite the global recognition of the Landwind (stop laughing) being a near carbon-copy of the Range Rover Evoque, the offending vehicle was never sold outside China. It was first shown to the public at the 2015 Guangzhou motorshow and shortly after, Jaguar-Land Rover filed its lawsuit in a bid to get Landwind to cease sales of the eyesore.

Not only has the Beijing ruling delivered that result, but it has also ordered Landwind to pay JLR compensation for the 9-years it’s been on sale, though a number has yet to be assigned to the damages.

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