Jaguar-Land Rover Team Up With BlackBerry For Next-Gen Infotainment

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Jaguar-Land Rover Team Up With BlackBerry – Gallery

While Canadian tech company BlackBerry may be enjoying an 80% share hike in the last year, we can only expect to see the company’s share prices soar higher still after it was announced that Jaguar-Land Rover will be working with the company to supply security and infotainment software for their cars in the near future.

The joint announcement was made on Thursday, and is the latest development for BlackBerry following inked deals with Baidu, Aptiv, and Qualcomm. While the exact nature of the deal wasn’t divulged, what was said was that JLR will be using BlackBerry-developed QNX software, as well as Certicom security technology. 

Jaguar-Land Rover Team Up With BlackBerry – Gallery
“Working with BlackBerry will enable us to develop the safe and secure next-generation connected car that out customers want. Together with BlackBerry engineers, we will be able to access the most dynamic and up-to-date software to ensure the highest security required for our connected vehicles.” — Dave Nesbitt, Director (Vehicle Engineering), Jaguar-Land Rover

With the increase of in-car connectivity, it’s become increasingly important that carmakers ensure the security of their control systems to ensure the prevention or thwarting of attempts to break into control interfaces. The rise of autonomous (or increasingly-autonomous) vehicles also means that today’s machines are at far greater risk than older cars, with the potential for harm far more prevalent than before.

Jaguar-Land Rover Team Up With BlackBerry – Gallery

Further, BlackBerry’s QNX software will power JLR’s next-generation infotainment systems, which will provide for faster processing, smoother graphics, and increased functionality. QNX is hardly a new player to the scene, with Volvo, Tesla, Ford, and Audi already trusting the BlackBerry-powered software to run their respective infotainment systems. With all the above systems providing smooth graphics, snappy responses, and easy-to-use interfaces, we’d be lying if we said that these improvements will bring much-needed boosts to JLR’s systems, with their proprietary InControl unit sometimes feeling a bit old hat.

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