Jaguar I-Pace Awarded 5-Stars From ANCAP

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The silent cat continues to claw away at Model X’s strengths.

Jaguar I-Pace Awarded 5-Stars From ANCAP – Gallery

The Jaguar I-Pace is, without doubt, one of the most important models from the Coventry marque in recent years. Yes the F-Type brought back sports-car flair to the brand, and yes the XJ is still the best-handling limousine on the market. But let’s be honest – as good as those cars are, they didn’t exactly pioneer anything, they merely took what was there and made it better.

But the I-Pace is all-new for the brand, full-stop. It’s their first-ever full-electric vehicle and, unlike Tesla’s first go using the Lotus Elise as a base, the I-Pace is far more finished and polished. No wonder it’s winning fans the world over. 

And now, Australian fans get to rest easy in the knowledge that their favourite electric SUV is now also a 5-star rated car, thanks to a recent release from safety watchdogs ANCAP.

“Brands have responded to a far more stringent test regime, further increasing the standards consumers expect when it comes to safety. … The Jaguar I-Pace notably is one of only a few models to offer an external airbag, which is designed to provide increased pedestrian protection.” — James Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer, ANCAP
Jaguar I-Pace Awarded 5-Stars From ANCAP – Gallery

Jaguar went to town when engineering & designing the I-Pace, making full use of the benefits that come with canning the internal combustion powertrain. With greater crumple zones, a lower centre of gravity, and a strengthened battery module lying beneath the floor, the I-Pace is one of the safest family cars on the market, a proclamation we remember hearing back when the Tesla Model X first hit the streets.

So which big EV SUV is your pick? The svelte Jaguar I-Pace or the divisive Tesla Model X?

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