Jaguar F-Type Convertible Rally Cars Celebrate 70-Years Of Heritage

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These are pretty out-there as far as Jaguar’s concerned.

2018 Jaguar F-Type 'Rally Special' – One of Two

English luxury marque Jaguar have decided to this week celebrate 7-decades of sports car heritage, paying homage to the Jaguar XK120 from the 50s. The pair of decked-out F-Type convertibles seek to remember the achievements of the XK120 registered as ‘NUB120,’ which managed to complete three consecutive Alpine rallies without snagging a single penalty point, and even managed to win the RAC and Tulip.

While the earlier-released F-Type Chequered Flag cars are road-legal and available to purchase (from a heady $139,650), these two ‘rally specials’ are not. Modified by Jaguar Design & Engineering to exact FIA specification, the four-cylinder Ingenium-powered F-Type Cabriolets feature uprated brakes, a roll-cage, race seats replete with six-point harnesses, and a distinctive light-pod mounted on the bonnet.

2018 Jaguar F-Type 'Rally Special' – One of Two2018 Jaguar F-Type 'Rally Special' – One of Two

The cabins have been all but totally stripped out, leaving just those sports seats & adding a fire extinguisher, oh and a hydraulic handbrake, because you always need one of those. Under the skin there are hand-built dampers, competition-grade, as well as softer springs to ensure maximum traction through rally-stages. The dampers are three-way adjustable, allowing for the cars to be tuned to specific terrains between stages.

Moving past the light pod up front (which seems so cool), the rest of the F-Type rally-cars are inspired by the F-Type Chequered Flag edition, which was Jaguar’s way of celebrating its sports car heritage with the world. While Chequered Flag was to be shared, think of this special duo as a birthday present to itself.

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