Infiniti To Preview Next QX80 In New York

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Infiniti To Preview Next QX80 In New York

UPDATE: Infiniti has confirmed that the SUV being teased here will indeed be the next QX80, or to give it its full New York Motor Show debut name: QX80 Monograph. It also aptly alluded to its "huge unveil" on April 12th. 

Infiniti, Japanese premium automaker, is planning on bringing an all-new flagship SUV to the 2017 New York Motor Show next week. A full size replacement for the current QX80 which has been around since 2010 where it debuted under the QX56 badge. 

Since then it had remained a present but somewhat obscure alternative to the likes of the Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GLS (previous ML Class), and Range Rovers of the time as well as a competitor to the larger SUVs such as the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator of North America, a market where it fared slightly better. 

Infiniti To Preview Next QX80 In New York

Infiniti, Nissans’ premium marque headquartered in Hong Kong, hasn’t released any further details besides the dark image seen here, not even a name or a hint at what it could be, but there’s little doubt that this is the first true glimpses at the next QX80.

Of course, the SUV will feature the most up to date styling from the Infiniti design studio with a much needed interior overhaul to better contend with the the futuristic cabins of its most direct competitors in this premium space. 

It’s also rumoured to sit on a ladder frame chassis much like the current version is, making it a sibling of the Nissan Patrol which, thanks to Nissan’s recent purchase of 30-odd percent of Mitsubishi Motors, is being developed jointly with the next Mitsubishi Pajero. 

Infiniti To Preview Next QX80 In New York

As for what will live under the bonnet, the current Infiniti QX80’s old school approach to solving the thrust problem gained it a distinct place in the high-priced SUV world, along with a fair few fans. For its next outing, it’s quite likely that the automaker will stick to another large V8 engine (currently it displaces 5.6-litres and generates 300kW/560Nm), though forced induction may be introduced to keep emissions at bay (somewhat) as well as improve fuel economy a touch. 

Another possibility is Infiniti may lean on their hybrid powertrains as an alternative to the rumbling V8, with an electric motor paired with their new 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine being an enticing prospect. 

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