Infiniti Australia Recalls Q50 For Steering System Flaw

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Infiniti Australia Recalls Q50 For Steering System Flaw

Infiniti has issued a global recall order for its Q50 sedans that involved over 60,000 cars to repair its innovative steer-by-wire system and as a result, Infiniti Cars Australia has issued a follow up to recall all Q50s sold here.

The luxury arm of Nissan, Infiniti says that the fix involves Directive Adaptive Steering (DAS) system, removing a software glitch that could result in the car unintentionally turning the steering wheel the in the opposite direction of driver input while stationary.

Infiniti Australia Recalls Q50 For Steering System Flaw

It involves a total of 310 units of the Q50 sold between November 2013 and November 2015. Owners would be instructed to bring their cars to the nearest Infiniti dealership for the fix to be instituted at no charge.


“Infiniti has identified that a combination of low battery voltage at engine start-up combined with an initial large parking angle (that is, when the vehicle is parked car with its front wheels turned) can cause a miscalculation in the steering ratio, which may lead to a lack of steering responsiveness and change in turning radius,” the company said in a statement.

Infiniti Australia Recalls Q50 For Steering System Flaw

The Infiniti Q50’s unique steering mechanism links the steering wheel to the two front wheels via a electrical interface with a control unit which takes the driver’s steering input and finely manages its actuations to the steering rack to match the desired line.

It can also alter steering weight, ratio, and feel dynamically, however Infiniti has also fitted a redundant mechanical system as a fall-back. Without it, a flaw in the steering software could result in total loss of steering. But strangely, the recall suggests that the mechanism by which the mechanical system is called upon to take over from the electronic steering could be problem.

The vehicles in Australia that are up for recall have a VIN range of between JN1B**V37A030007 to JN1B**V37A0360002. Owners can reach out to Infiniti’s customer service centre themselves at 1800 241 193.

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