ICYMI, Porsche Also Revealed The Track-Only GT2 RS Clubsport

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Porsche Also Reveals The Track-Only GT2 RS Clubsport

In the shadow of the all-new 992’s limelight, Porsche has also revealed an even more focused version of the most recent GT2 RS, based on the outgoing 991 generation of 911s, alongside the all-new model at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

Called the GT2 RS Clubsport, the car is essentially an even more track-focused and uncompromising version of the road going GT2 RS, a car that snagged the record as the quickest production car to lap the Nurburgring not too long ago.

We say ‘road going’ because an essential difference between the regular GT2 RS and the Clubsport is that the latter is strictly track-only. So dramatic are the alterations made to it that the car would simply violate typical street regulations on safety and noise levels.

Porsche Also Reveals The Track-Only GT2 RS Clubsport

There are, for example, nearly zero passive or active safety systems left onboard, including airbag and servo-assisted brakes, and the entire car has been reinforced structurally to crumple less during a collision, a change that’s potentially fatal to the other vehicle involved should this be involved in a road collision. That said, these a few typical modifications made for competition-spec or track-only cars.

The Clubsport treatment also means that roughly 80kg has been shaved from the road goer, with most of that mass coming from the removal of most of the sound deadening material and a through stripping of all but the most necessary items required for the driver to interface with the controls.

Porsche Also Reveals The Track-Only GT2 RS Clubsport

Fortunately for the driver, though, the air conditioning system has been retained. Omitting it could have saved a good few more kilograms but honestly, being drenched in sweat and racing on the limit at the same time is an experience not favoured by most accustomed to the amenities of modern life.

Due to the reduced weight, though, and oddly, the GT2 RS Clubsport features smaller brake rotors but is said to boast equally impressive stopping performance. The discs themselves are also steel and not carbon ceramic, which is a curious move on Porsche’s part, especially since the Clubsport will likely be substantially more exclusive (i.e expensive) compared to the factory spec.

You might have noticed the very aggressive aero package as well, which is has been fashioned from CFRP (or carbon fibre reinforced polymer). Additional racing-inspired features include an air-jack system and even a roof that can be removed for a quick escape.

Porsche Also Reveals The Track-Only GT2 RS Clubsport

Porsche did not need to alter the monstrous 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six, and indeed they have left it nearly entirely untouched. The company has not detailed any changes to its intake or exhaust system either, so we’re assuming the Clubsport features the same 522kW and 750Nm output. Here too it is mated to a 7-speed PDK dual clutch transmission that feeds the rear wheels. At least here, they are paired with 310 section racing slicks.

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