Hyundai Teases Veloster Again, The Interior This Time

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Hyundai Teases Veloster Again, The Interior This Time

Yet more teasers continue to drip from Hyundai as their all-new Veloster is soon to be revealed - perhaps launched soon after - at the Detroit Motor Show later in January. While the first few images of the monochrome digital sketch shows little that we hadn’t expected, especially since the previous teasers show a great deal more of the actual car, often being filmed.

Still, that knowledge doesn’t dissuade the South Korean automaker’s team from giving the some brief but superfluous glimpses at the new hatch. That said, the real nugget here is that this latest teaser also comes with an image that gives a pretty good idea how the next-gen Veloster will be like inside.

Hyundai Teases Veloster Again, The Interior This TimeHyundai Teases Veloster Again, The Interior This Time

There’s plenty of red, but mind you this is just a render, mixed with dark greys and light grey. Overall, though, and just as was expected, there’s plenty of visual and ergonomic parallels with the cabin of the i30, specifically the i30 N hot hatch.

The flat-bottomed steering wheel is a first for Hyundai, should it translate into the showroom model,   and there’s a decidedly minimal amount of buttons and switches strewn about the place, with the only ones observable here being to start the engine and the other to operate the climate control system.

Presumably, the rest of the car’s functions are combined into various menus and digital toggles within the infotainment system. Hyundai has also seemed to have gotten rid of the side buttons that frame the floating panel itself, giving it a sleeker look.

Hyundai Teases Veloster Again, The Interior This Time

Although, given its position being set further deep into the centre console itself, reaching it to operate the touch targets might be an issue. Either that, or Hyundai has devised a way to have primary operation controlled by a control pad or knob, like some other cars.

The rest of the interior is made to look very sporty, of course. What interests us is the rather high transmission tunnel (despite being front-driven) to cocoon properly the driver. Very sporty, as is the tasty looking manual shift lever that might be hiding some short throw gates.

As we’ve repeated before, the all-new Veloster is expected to carry over both engines from the first-generation car: a naturally aspirated 1.6-litre MPI petrol unit for the base model followed up by a turbocharged version of the same, identical to the one currently used in the i30 SR and Elantra SR Turbo, likely producing the same 150kW.

Hyundai Teases Veloster Again, The Interior This Time

Moving further up, Hyundai’s new N performance division are expected to unveil a proper hot version of the Veloster in due course, sharing many of the i30 N’s goodies, not least of which is the more potent 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol four pot with as much as 202kW.

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