Hyundai’s Palisade SUV Gets Outed Before LA

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Damned Russians.

Hyundai’s Palisade SUV Gets Outed Before LA – Gallery

Hyundai is prepping a big reveal for the upcoming Los Angeles motor show, in the form of the Palisade 3-row SUV. We know that its design was previewed by the enormous Grandmaster concept, and we’ve been quite excited to see what’ll come of it. But thanks to Russian intervention ahead of the US event, we can bring you a look at what appears to be the production-ready Palisade.

Okay, it's just one image, thanks to Auto Review. It counts.

The Palisade will be the biggest SUV in Hyundai’s growing arsenal of cars, one that’ll most certainly make a splash in select left-hook markets like the US, the Emirates, and Russia. Sitting above the Sorento, the 3-row Palisade features new & exaggerated interpretations of Hyundai’s new design language, incorporating a unique Cascading Grille design, and very stylish main-beam/positioning light arrangement.

Hyundai’s Palisade SUV Gets Outed Before LA – Gallery

*Hyundai Grandmaster concept at the Busan Motor Show.

The profile of the Palisade appears to have stayed true to the Grandmaster concept, though the fascia has undergone the usual ‘watering down’ that happens between concept & production. It’s still a stylish machine though, and while we can’t see its rump, it appears to stay true to Grandmaster form from what we can make of it.

The Palisade is expected to make use of Sorento powerplants at launch, specifically the large petrol V6 engine that is offered in North America. It won’t be the only big Korean in the large-SUV space for long though, as its sister-car the Kia Telluride (which we’ve already sort-of seen), and it’ll be interesting to see the newcomers duke it out with segment stalwarts from the States.

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