Hyundai’s ‘Elevate’ Is A Rescue-Pod From A Sci-Fi Future

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Hyundai’s ‘Elevate’ Is A Rescue-Pod From A Sci-Fi Future

While other automakers have made CES a venue to either unveil new models (likely with some higher technology focus) or showcase existing models with updated tech, Hyundai will show up at the 2019 running of CES in Las Vegas with something truly different.

Called the Elevate, it will be able to traverse very rough terrain previously cut off from vehicular support with its crosshairs clearly aimed at search and rescue applications. It uses a medley of robotics and realtime machine learning to navigate complex landscape, making sure it’s independently positioned wheels with integrated electric motors make the most of its surface.

Hyundai’s ‘Elevate’ Is A Rescue-Pod From A Sci-Fi Future

All the while, the majority of the Elevate’s mass, cargo, and occupants are kept safely above any danger in a secure pod. Think of it as quadrupedal (but wheeled) Mars rover but made for short distance travel over extremely rough terrain and made larger to accommodate a pilot, cargo, medical supplies, and an emergency response team.

Given that it is powered by electricity, the Elevate could also operate in high altitude situations where oxygen levels are low or perhaps in high heat such as a forest fire where most of the surrounding air is equally non-conducive to vehicles powered by internal combustion.

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